Senior School

The Senior School at King’s College from Year 9 to Year 12, offers an outstanding program of academic, vocational, sporting, cultural and social experiences to cater for student’s individual needs and interests preparing them for life after VCE.

Year 9 Connect Program

Unique in our region is the Connect Program for Year 9 students.

This course serves as a bridge between the Middle School and the academic rigour of the final three years of schooling by incorporating a wide range of excellent developmental opportunities including the completion of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, a week long community service tour and a seven day expedition along the Great South-West Walk.

Year 10

Our Year 10 program is aimed at preparing students for VCE and the increased academic intensity that will be required.

Students complete the compulsory subjects of the Australian Curriculum as well as some school based electives. They are introduced to the rigors of the VCE by completing one subject at Unit 1 & 2 level and have an opportunity to pursue a VET in Schools course at South West TAFE.


Since King’s College commenced offering VCE programs in 2002, students have consistently achieved some of the best results in the South West.

Courses available vary from year to year depending on student interest and aim to provide the necessary breadth for students to pursue their desired pathways. Studies not offered at King’s College may be pursued through Distance Education. VCE studies are supplemented with Personal Development and Bible Study courses.

While most students from King’s College have been successful in being accepted into University courses across the full spectrum of disciplines including medicine, veterinary science, engineering, law, journalism and teaching, others have qualified in a variety of trade related industries.

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