King's College Warrnambool


King’s College endeavours to foster strong links with families.

A great strength of the College is the strong, friendly community relationship between parents and the College.


Support from parents is highly valued at King’s.

By working together in partnership, schools, families and communities are better able to support children in achieving the best educational outcomes from their schooling years.

Whilst there is no doubt the College benefits from volunteer support, the greatest benefit from family involvement is for the children who are able to see that their family actively supports their school and value education. Parents, grandparents, guardians and other family members contributing as helpers within sessions enrich the child’s transition and at King’s we value this support.

Requests for assistance will be issued regularly throughout the year; this is mainly done via the Newsletter or the Compass newsfeed.

In our Early Years Centre children love to have their ‘turn’ at having a helper come and be a part of the session. Their sense of belonging to the group is enhanced and they love to share their Kinder experiences with their family.

At King’s we recommend for our 3 year-old Kinder families to aim to be a helper for one session per term. In the 4 year-old program, we encourage parents (or other nominated family members) to assist for two sessions per term.

For further information, please contact the College office.

Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA)

An active PTFA exists to support the educational opportunities of students at King’s College.

The PTFA meets regularly through the school year (dates are included in the College calendar). All current parents, teachers, grandparents and those with an ongoing interest in the College are welcome to attend.

We’d love to see you at a PTFA meeting.

Prayer Group

Prayer is such an important part of any Christian community.

At King’s College a Prayer Group meets each Monday morning at 9.00am to meet together to pray for the staff, students and programs of College.

Our Prayer Group is facilitated by the Head of Junior Years.

Giving to King's College

The successful development of King’s College has been due to the wonderful providence of God supported by generous giving by individuals and charitable trusts.

We continue to be most appreciative of the support given to the College by our community.

King’s College Foundation

The King’s College Foundation (Inc.) was established to assist the College Council to secure the College's independence and to maintain and develop its facilities.

Control and management of the Foundation are vested in the Board of Trustees, which acts in consultation with the Principal and the College Council.

Donations to the Foundation at tax deductible and very welcome. To make a donation contact the Business Manager.