Early Learning

King's College provides exceptional early learning programs for children in three and four-year-old kindergarten. Students happily play, create and learn in our Early Learning Centre where we encourage friendship, expression and creativity.

Our Early Learning Centre aims to be a place where children experience a sense of belonging while they are young. We encourage the excitement and challenge of becoming a successful learner.

We invite you and your child to visit and experience our Early Learning Centre. Our caring atmosphere provides the best start for your child's education.

Our Philosophy

We consulted families and children to develop our philosophy. Each educator thought about and shared their own “why”. These were used to pinpoint the areas that were of greatest importance to educators, families, and children, and make sure all voices were represented. 

Our kindergarten philosophy reflects the beliefs and values of our families, children, and educators, and guides our practice, reflections and choices. Words written in bold were contributed by families, phrases in italics were contributed by children.

At King’s College Early Learning Centre, we value children and their families as individuals created and loved by God. We believe that each child deserves to learn through play, to feel loved, and to feel safe.

We believe that children learn best:

Three-Year-Old Program

The Three-Year-Old Kindergarten program at King’s College provides an opportunity for children to continue becoming who God has planned them to be.

Children grow in independence as they discover new interests and develop their social and emotional capabilities. For many children, it is their first experience of belonging outside of the family home.

At Three-Year-Old Kindergarten we celebrate what it means to be a three-year-old and acknowledge the deep and complex learning that is taking place in their lives every day.

Children must be three years old before 30th April in the year of enrolment to attend.

Four-Year-Old Program

Our four-year-old Kindergarten program provides children with greater opportunities to work collaboratively in small groups and develop social and play skills that lead to problem solving, creativity, resilience, independence and confidence.

Meaningful play-based experiences afford children the opportunity to follow their interests and extend their learning. Within their play, children develop foundational skills and concepts in areas of literacy, language, numeracy, science, the arts, social and emotional learning, fine and gross motor skills and technology. This learning is supported by the integration of child-directed play and learning, guided play and learning, and adult-led learning.

Children are encouraged to view themselves as competent and capable learners. Real-life problems are solved by children and educators together, with children’s voices actively sought and listened to. Children are always supported at their level of understanding and extended to experience challenges and develop new ideas.

Our Team

Our educators are highly trained, experienced, and passionate about early childhood education.

Our team includes educators with qualifications and experience in teaching music, Chinese language, and primary education. Children benefit from high quality music and language experiences, and educators with experience teaching in schools are able to answer questions about your child's continuing education.

A culture of lifelong learning is fostered at King's College Early Learning Centre with many of our educators currently completing further study. We also mentor and learn from tertiary students studying early childhood, and partner with Allied Health at South West Health Care each year for professional development learning.

School Transition

Transition to school commences in Term 3 for Four-Year-Old Kindergarten children and is designed to support children’s smooth transition to school through fun and engaging experiences.

Gym, Library and Music classroom sessions as well as tours of the College, visits to the school playground, and Assembly participation help our Kindergarten children to become familiar with the environment and people of King's College as they transition to Prep.

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