Year 9 Connect Program

The Year 9 Connect Program is unique to King’s College. The aim of the program is to build self-confidence and resilience in young people; to engage students by using their gifts and abilities; and to provide learning opportunities for students outside the traditional classroom environment.

Our Connect Program is designed to cater for individual abilities and learning styles.

This program provides Year 9 students with the skills to not only tackle VCE studies resourcefully, but also to prepare them for lifelong learning.

Program Aims

Our Year 9 Connect Program aims to:

• Create an environment which engenders a deep engagement with learning
• Deepen students’ understanding of, and commitment to, serving others
• Foster active leadership and social responsibility
• Develop students who are critical thinkers with robust, enquiring minds
• Allow students to understand and act from their identity in Christ
• Develop students who are ready to focus on VCE and are committed to learning beyond secondary school
• Develop students who are responsible for their own learning and are committed to excellence in all things
• Increase students’ awareness of their own physical self and how to look after their bodies

Program Features

As well as completing Australian Curriculum outcomes, the Year 9 Connect Program includes activities and programs that feature alongside the curriculum. This includes:

Community Service
This provides students with the opportunity to visit community organisations within Warrnambool during the term. The program encourages students to learn about their local community by participating as active volunteers. It is based on experiential learning where students practise valuable life skills while volunteering in the community.

Mentoring Program
We aim to support students by engaging them in a Mentor Program. Students have the opportunity to choose an adult Christian mentor. Students and mentors meet once a fortnight.

Duke of Edinburgh Award
Each student participates in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. To obtain this award, students must complete four components.

The Adventurous Journey & Community
Service will be completed at school as part of the Connect program. Each student will also need to choose a skill and a physical activity that they would like to develop.

Outdoor Challenge
One of the highlights of the Connect program is a hike along the Great Ocean Walk. This is designed to be a challenging, yet achievable experience for students. Students plan and prepare their own meals and equipment while hiking though amazing coastal scenery. This six-day camp counts towards the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

City Experience
The focus of the City Experience is to further investigate the homelessness issue that we face in Australia. Students complete a unit on this topic in English and will draw on that knowledge during this camp.

TAFE Certifications
Throughout the year, students complete three TAFE certificates:
• Safe food handling
• First aid
• Barista course

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