Middle School

The journey through Year 5 to Year 8 is a critical period when young people experience substantial physical and emotional change. At King’s College, our Middle School program places value on these early years of adolescence.

To facilitate and embrace the specific needs of students in this period, King's College has a dedicated Middle School program with an approach to organisation, curriculum and pedagogy that is designed to support the specific needs of early adolescence.

Our Middle School program supports students to transition smoothly from the structured Junior School environment in readiness to achieve their personal academic goals via the flexible pathways and rigour of Senior School.

Academic Performance

Middle School students have consistently performed well in State and National testing programs regularly outperforming other schools in NAPLAN testing.

The King’s College educational journey is unmatched in the provision of personal support that students are able to access together with the importance placed on Pastoral Care through the Middle School.


Our Middle School curriculum is aimed at supporting students through the commencement of their adolescent journey with a focus on developing their skills and confidence.

Core subjects in the Middle School include:

Year 5 and 6  students undertake Performance studies which allows them to focus initially on their poetry performance in the Warrnambool Eisteddfod and then on the major Year 5/6 Production. Students gain confidence in all aspects of speaking and presenting before an audience in this program.

Information Skills is a study undertaken to give students skills in research and in using digital technologies for presentation of that research.

Year 6 students also study Design Technology (Electronics, Food Technology, Textiles and Woodwork) and enhance their skills in Performance gained in Year 5.

Year 7 students study Design Technology and are required to participate in the cast of the major College production.

Year 8 students study Design Technology, participate in the cast or support crew for the College production.

Pastoral Care

A key feature of the Middle School program is the central focus of Pastoral Care.

Our Middle School pastoral care program provides a strong sense of wellbeing, belonging and security that affirms students in their dignity and worth and assists students to achieve their full potential: physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Co-curricular program

King’s College offers a wide range of co-curricular activities that students in the Middle School have the opportunity to participate in. These include:

Service Learning Program

Serving others and serving the community are central to our College’s philosophy. Students in the Middle School have a growing opportunity to serve including:

Public Speaking

A distinct attribute of the King's College Middle School program is the development of public speaking skills.

The ability to speak confidently in public is a skill that will be of benefit to a student through their senior years of schooling and when they move to the world after school. At King’s College we aim to assist students:

In the Middle School students are given many opportunities to develop their speaking skills in front of audiences of their peers, families and others. These include:

Compass Award Program

The Compass Award is a stepping-stone to the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

All Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in the Compass Award Program.

Students choose their own challenging activities allowing them to help others, make new friends, increase confidence and unleash skills and talents on the way to lifelong learning.

The program is structured over four progressive levels. To achieve The Compass Award at any Level, young people create a unique program of activities across four sections:

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